BIG NOTE: I do NOT own the right's to the anime or the music. All this work is fan based and I'm not making money nor looking to charge for any of it. The work is done for the enjoyment of myself and others, NOTHING ELSE!!!!

NOTE: Yes, the mp4's are low quality. That's why I put up the DIVX as a download.


Time for the annual update. Things have been hectic on my end. Some good things some bad things. As you can tell the website looks the same even though I claimed a new one was on the way. It will happen.

My Anime Boston entries are ready to be uploaded. I thought they were both great but I guess opinions vary. One is in the finals. I'll post them up in a couple of days. The one that didn't make it in will try its luck in a couple of other cons. We'll see.

Speaking of the con, something exciting might happen regarding me and AMV's. I'll let you know after but it might change a few things around.

So, sit back and relax. Once I finish adding bumpers to the two videos, they'll be posted.

On a final note. Some people have been contacting through my email here. My apologies for not getting back to you. The email has been acting up in a goofy way.


Site is getting a revamp soon. In the meantime, here are both of my Anime Boston entries.


This was my Drama entry that landed in the overflow. No one on the judging panel go it. Don't know why and I don't care.

Why So Serious?

This was my comedy entry that ended up being a finalist.

Other than that, I updated the links page to reflect a few things including the store I own.


Anime Boston is over. It was a long weekend but a good one. Pivotal took two awards as it got Best Drama and the Judge's Choice Awards. Both videos are now on the Org.I'm working on a write-up of the contest but I have to wait a bit to finish a few things. Thanks to everyone that voted.

Pivotal has been added to the awards section.


I accidentally uploaded the wrong version of "Show Me The Way To Heaven".

The links have been fixed. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Just finished the second of my remasters. This time it's "Something Wicked This Way Comes." Again, nothing has changed other than it's a better quality than I could offer before. It's also a bigger file because of it. But, it does look a lot better. Enjoy.

Remember, right click and "save as" on these.

Something Wicked This Way Comes


Here's my bi-anual update. Seriously though, the store is coming along nicely, but that's kept me away from all this. That doesn't mean that there is nothing to report. My two entries were sent and one of them made the finals. Also, due to fixing things for the 101 panel, I started remastering some old AMV's. Right now, I have finished "Petals of Change" which you can find on the awards page under remastered. So, without furthur ado, I give you my two entries and the remastered Utena.

Remember, right click and "save as" on these.


Show Me The Way To Heaven

Petal's of Change (Remastered)


The update is amazingly late but stuff has happened and thus it took me this long. I'm doing something here in the Boston area with a friend. Now, it's still in the works but you make up your own minds on whether it's cool or not.


Facebook AniMadness

Yes, it is what it looks like and no, we're not sure when it'll open. But wish us luck. As far as AMV's go, I am working on a few at this point but this has monopolized most of my time.


I'm adding a picture section soon. In the meantime, here are the pictures I took of the Celtics Parade as well as a couple of other ones, as promised. Pictures

Click on each picture for higher resolution.

NEWS 6/30 "Happy Learned How To Putt."

Now what could I possibly be up to?

NEWS 3/31

Anime Boston has come and gone. Only one of the two videos made the finals. No awards and no complains. Do I agree with the choices the judges made for the finalists? Not really. But, then again, everyone has a different opinion of what they consider to be presentable and "artsy" and they have to make the choice with the audience in mind. Needless to say, my "art" videos will be relegated to appear in other cons and here on my site. It might sound like bitching and moaning, but it's more along the line of chosing your battles. If you know people will not "get" a video, then don't submit it. This doesn't just apply to my videos. I went to a few of the overflow presentations and, let me tell you, a few of them were not given a fair chance. But, that's the way things go. Maybe next year.

With that out of the way, I want to congratulate all the winners. Many of the awards were well deserved.

A few things are under development. If given the opportunity, stay tuned for a few fun segments for around late summer early fall.

NEWS 3/04

Pardon me for my absence, personal stuff.

OK, now to the fun news. Like everything in life, change happens. First off, Anime Boston is less than 3 weeks away and all submissions for the contest are in. The date for the judges viewing is set for this Saturday. I, like most of my fellow editors, am nervous. Yet I find it funny that when I mention that, folks begin to ask me why but in this fashion, "Why would YOU be nervous." Folks, you're only as good as your next video. And, in this ever growing hobby, better editors are always out there and more keep popping up every minute.

Enough of the drama, time to reveal my two submissions. To set the record straight, there were 3 videos which I was trying to choose 2 from. The choice did not come from what people may think. Also, I'm posting them up as DIVX Downloads for now. Enjoy.

The first and overall top choice was:

"Kaleidoscope" Download A Kaleido Star video set to "Espiritu del Aire" by E Nomine.

I'm very proud of this video. When begun, it was just OK. But, as it progressed, it became a huge favorite among friends and myself as well.

The second was:

"EVA Heaven" Download An Evangelion video done in the form of AMV Hell set to "Polka Your Eyes Out" by Wierd Al Yankovic

Rather self explanatory but took more work than you might think.

Now, a few of you saw the possible third video that I was so adamant about sending originally. No, it wasn't scratched. There were 2 contributing factors to why it was taken out. First was visual quality. I want that video to look as crisp and as perfect as I can get it. The second and funniest reason was that while trying to decide, I pictured myself at the con with friends and editors viewing it on the big screen (Hopefully that'll happen). As I closed my eyes, I found someone in the group that made me rethink that video. The video is rather visually strong, so I might give it one more year. The video in question is the Perfect Blue video by the way.

I'm also slowly putting the AMV Award winners in their respective genres as well for now. Makes them easier to decipher.

NEWS 8/17

First and foremost, a quick update on those 5 AMV's I was mentioning before Anime Boston 2007.

"Kaleido Star" set to First Day of my Life by Melanie C

This video has been put on hold until I finish some other work. I have part of the footage imported but it might take time to actually create it.

"Unico" set to Fighter by Candlefuse

Some footage was imported and assembled but this one has also been put on hold until I finish a few things that kinda got pushed to the top.

"Soultaker" set to "Life" by Seven Wiser

I have finished a version of it. Unfortunately, it's not a version I like. This video has the opportunity to be amazing and I really don't want to short change something with this much potential.

"Perfect Blue" set to "Show Me Love" by t.A.T.u.

I've had this video done for a while but every time I see it, I change something about it. But this video is already amazing. Give me some time and it will be up.

"Neon Genesis Evangelion" set to "Polka Your Eyes Out" by Weird Al Yankovich

This is a video that will require me to go back to all the dvd's and import some more footage and rework some segments. Other than that, it looks pretty good.


New work is currently in production. I have to take care of some health issues, and then I'll update later with some more work including a multi-editor project I'm involved.

NEWS 5/08

Both No Reason and Something Wicked have been moved to the AWARDS section as they both earned awards at Anime Boston 2007. It was a pretty good show with a few gems that really left me impressed. Anyway, thanks to everyone who voted and it will take a lot of work to top this one...but I'll try.

Para los que no pudieron estar en la convencion, para toda mi familia y amigos, disfruten de esta foto. De izquierda a derecha: Wendy, Justin, Adam, Lyndsey, Yo, Paul y Jess. Wendy, Justin, y Lyndsey eran los otros panelistas (junto a Dan que no gano) para nuestra demonstacion de como hacer AMV's.

Lista de los ganadores

Credit for that picture.

NEWS 3/10

Here they are folks, my Anime Boston Entries. They are not least, not yet. I'll let you know if that changes. You can also go straight to the comedy section to find them, even though one is more of a parody. Enjoy.

No Reason

Something Wicked This Way Comes